For the Love of Pineapples – Science Lion Media Feature Post

Hello again everyone!The pineapple craze continues! As you may remember, I wrote 'Patience is a Virtue When Growing Pineapples', detailing my fun journey of growing my very first pineapple, from a crown. Well, not too long after, one of Science Lion Media's amazing readers reached out and invited me to submit a featured guest piece... Continue Reading →


Parting with Honeybees is Such Sweet Sorrow

Traditionally speaking, when we hear about honeybees, we think about insects that sting. We also think about pollination and of course by proxy, honey. These associations may only be fleetingly considered, but when you take a moment to really think about how significant the act of pollination actually is, you realize these little critters are... Continue Reading →

To Teach is To Do

There is a quote that states, “He who can, does. He who cannot, teaches.” I have heard this quote during my time as an educator in public schools in this form, “ Those who can’t do, teach.” It’s interesting to see how “telephone” has been played over the years with this phrase. Originally, this saying... Continue Reading →

Nightmare Fuel- The Bobbit Worm

Lurking in the watery depths lies a worm spun from pure nightmare fuel- the Bobbit worm. Filmed by Khaled Sultani- Check out their other videos! Eunice aphroditois Mrs. Scary-Face is a predator who feeds on anything she can catch, using her long sensory antennae to determine when prey is nearby. The jaws are held... Continue Reading →

Sour Milk- Caucasian Calcium Standards

For decades, the United States Dietary Association (USDA) and its subsidiaries have advocated for us to acquire our daily vitamin D and calcium requirements, in large part through dairy consumption. As an appropriate prelude to this article, check out ‘Milk, an udder mistake?’, for more background on food policy recommendations regarding dairy consumption. In any... Continue Reading →

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