Put The Phone Down

How many times have you almost tripped, fell or ran into something because you were glued to your phone?

” Cellphone use causing pedestrian accidents. Walking and texting at the same time is most common to do, and it definitely can be dangerous if you aren’t careful. Texting pedestrians may trip over curbs, walk out in front of cars and bump into other walkers. “- Charts Top Ten

Pretty embarrassing, right? However, this obsession with our phones can lead to our death. There have been more than one occurrence of people losing their lives due to being unaware of their surroundings because of their phone. In 2017 alone there were near 6,000 pedestrian fatalities; these numbers are not projected to drop, as technology use ramps up and both drivers and pedestrians become increasingly distracted.

Technology has become both a blessing and a curse for humanity. It seems to have connected us more than we have ever been connected before. Yet we have now become more isolated and concerned about presenting ourselves in a certain manner. The fear of missing out is causing more anxiety, inducing individuals  to compare their own experiences with those of others they may barely know. We have evolved in many ways, but in what ways have we been hindered now by the advancements in our society? It is definitely a point to self-reflect on.

Being an 80’s baby, I remember talking on a landline, writing and mailing letters and doing book reports from the encyclopedia collection we had at our house.  I also remember playing video games, especially on the first Gameboy, and talking on my cell phone as a high schooler. As much as I am addicted to seeing messages pop up on my phone now, surfing the Web, and scrolling through feeds, I still remember to take the time to just see what’s around me. 


The next time you are on your phone and you happen to be outside, look up at the sky! Look at the trees, feel the breeze on your skin. There is so much beauty all around us that is not man-made. Visit the park, go to the forest.  Natural environments have been shown to reduce stress and anxiety that we are all plagued with at one time or another. Nature has a lot to offer outside of what is in between your hands, and who knows, it may just save your life.

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